Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to blogging

These days i have some problems with my internet connection - perhaps it is not serious problems for some peoples who expert in technology - so my  schedule to make some posting or visiting friend's blog are disturbed. But i don't know how  my computer n connection  now is can be used again ( perhaps these devices are pity to me). There is no special story to share from me now, but i just want to say: "Happy fasting month for you who celebrate."


  1. Salam

    Nice to be here my friends. Wah, postingannya bahasa inggris euy, mantaf. Oia, saya ijin follow ya kawan..

    Ditunggu follow backnya ya..

  2. nice spirit, welcome to happy blogging and happy fasting my friend...

  3. thank you for the visit.

    I hope you don't encounter the problem anymore. happy blogging!

  4. glad to know you are back to blogging...:)